Year: 2014

  • Of the Sky & existence

    It was said that in the days of old, long before the earth was created, in the ancient ages of the world that the starry firmament once embraced by the face of God; it could contemplate the treads of God unto the multitude of existences, and interceded for the creation much of times into the […]


  • Into the Sea

    Into the Sea

      Into the sea, thou let me be, O’transcending me O nature, Into thy surge, I roam like thee, I’m one with every creature; I am as ancient as all bygones, as all the stars that fall alone, as deep in time like you unknown, & deep beyond my time, my home; beyond those stellar […]


  • Diaries from Heaven: (Tales of the world)

    Scene I: (The Labour) Long long ago, beyond the history of the world, deep beyond the outer rim of the human perception; just as the sun was gaining an eternal adolescence, there lain the first allusions of blaze and fire, the young flare was born out of the scorching yet alleviate sun. The herald of […]