Of the Sky & existence

Cosmic Journey, Skyscape, Night Sky Painting by Marina Petro
Cosmic Journey, Skyscape, Night Sky Painting by Marina Petro

It was said that in the days of old, long before the earth was created, in the ancient ages of the world that the starry firmament once embraced by the face of God; it could contemplate the treads of God unto the multitude of existences, and interceded for the creation much of times into the days of the great darkness.

The sky was always been the most devoted of all creation, most feminine of all. A true lady of genuine enchantment, for she reflected the beauty of the incandescent light of the stars; those beacons that shone far away in other worlds and other lives, the skies was compassionate enough to radiate their own light and spear her existence into the very spectators that watch this world as they grow up. Into our very eyes, we witnessed the Love of the sky to the creation, by giving them wonder. Wonders through which they would speculate, meditate & ponder into the enthralling thoughts of Life.

Her devotion reached the lands of God where no living man has set foot on, into the hallows of eternity she was reaching to glisten the aura of our prayers & shine back perpetuity unto our lands, like a heartbeat that would reign the whole body but only inferior to the mind and the soul, it’s the bond that transpires across the soul and the body, intervening in none. Yet no human existence can be perfected without. Her reverence was enrapturing & alluring for every mortal man, It was where the mundane & the mystic meet, where the impure ambiance of the earth & the ethereal breeze of heavens fuse together and mate into myriad Love prayers out of those who are bound to the earth & myriad Love replies out of those who rule in heavens, for heaven is a place where the creation & the creator meet, & rule the era of enchantment of one another; speculate one another, into sempiternal tones of Love that resonates & rebirth into existence always.

Her luminance was a play of phenomenal yet courteous poetry that which the creator uttered to his beloved creation, it was so uncanny, that the earth was shaking, that the seas were chanting hymns of strenuous emotions of awe, sublimity & veneration. Her luminance was a lullaby of Love as pure as of a child, as tender as of a woman, as gushy as of an artist, as devoted as of a mother, as courteous as of a lover. Her luminance was a message from an ancient lover to a long-lost beloved, so lovelorn that it creeps upon the earth & fights about all what is earthly. A beloved so tarnished by the leash of betrayal & tortured by the absence of the very essence that which it departed, the essence of her Lover.

Her luminance was the joy of being all & whole with everyone, the gift & the price of loving to the whole existence; for the sky was always more than the breeze, the clouds & lights of the suns and moon yet none sees the way it is. None feels it the way it is. The sky is the projection of perfection of God; all creation are indeed yet none contemplates it so fully like the sky itself.

Her luminance was the lifetime of the meaning of grace, it was a one true proof that Love exists and it is all what is, & that all what is not Love shall stray out of being. That Love itself is all what God is all about; all what life is all about. It was the sky, the sky of our existence.



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