Diaries from Heaven: (Tales of the world)

Scene I: (The Labour)

Long long ago, beyond the history of the world, deep beyond the outer rim of the human perception; just as the sun was gaining an eternal adolescence, there lain the first allusions of blaze and fire, the young flare was born out of the scorching yet alleviate sun. The herald of the sun’s own divinity, and the emissary of the shimmering existence of life on the stars’ own dust… the dust of the sun itself in another age of the sun’s own perpetual adolescence. There the sun said; “let there be my seed through which I will be contemplated, the progeny of my Love & sacrifice. Let them flow into the dim and overcast places of the world. Let them breed into my grace that together shall we live forever.”


Scene II: (The Bearing of the Wrench)


 "Old man thinking" by Stephanie Fonteyn
“Old man thinking” by Stephanie Fonteyn


His misdeeds were great that his punishment was to drink from the cauldron of wrench and misery; he shall drink all of the misery that were present into his cauldron, the wrench of his own deeds it was, he shall be searing into the flames of his treason and in the flames of shame shall he soak himself , for it was his father who shall hold the cup and fill it from the cauldron and drink his own son his bane. The sons’ deeds were all together evil and the father and the son shall pay. For the father who was the origin of the life of his own son shall be the author of his ruin. Great were the misdeeds of such son for his own deeds have brought wrench into the root of his own family, has brought wrench and disgrace as well.


Scene III: (The First Butterfly)


Nature was the cadence of harmony, the echo of affinity resonated on the face of the waters & across the horizon. Unity was the rhythm of this age. Yet the world was ensnared into the chains of death; disguised into the cloak of nature itself, without the hope of renaissance. It was the age of the earth when no butterflies have ever existed, at such times larvae were dying when they get old, leaving death to shatter the enchantment of their charm, festering upon the last seconds of their dying hope. But there in nature itself existed one who could beat it. The first father of the larva was intrinsically mighty that death yet could not conquer him. He watched over the bearing of his children in silence. & in silence could he weave the fate of his own children that the remnant shall not be beaten.



Scene IV: (Orion)


The Love of the ancient, supernal, only known to the divines. The mother of all stellar clouds, Orion Nebula; that resonates scorching light, as torrid and ardent as it is, the ground of all what has been. From which all the astral auras have been and will ever be. It harnesses all its power & its energy, to give birth to other stars, throwing them into the void of nothingness of the universe… Living stars, witness their aurora, their beginning resides into the core of such times. Dust and air condense as all the light condescend into energy that turns them into radiant stars, as vivid as the primerose, as gushy as an unbroken heart and as pure as a newly born. Such stars are mediators for the universe in the eyes of the ancient Love, to the mother cloud itself. They serve as the intercessors and the guardians of the cosmos until the end of their travel so they can reunite with the mother again, there forever shall they live together.


Scene I: (The Labour) Continued,

And thus has been, the beams of light, each were screaming, being torn asunder as the elite of all flowers out of the earth, rent out of the sun’s own core and ripped out of the sun’s visage, the face of all eminence is being cut out of his own children, into the void. Severed like emotions would tear one’s own soul apart. Each beam of light was rent so rapidly that they forgot their own origin, swiftly were they fluxed into the fabrics of the universe that the screaming of them was as haunting and resonant as ghosts and shadows into the valleys of death. Like winds they surged into the world, thinking they shall never wane, they left their source into the void with a duty, to sustain life for the world, and to keep darkness out of it and hearken to none of what is dark. They left as watchers of the dim; guardians of all the seeds that wait the gift of Life, so they can together live forever.


Scene II: (The Bearing of the Wrench) Continued,

and thus has been, the disgraced father stood before the world, holding his son into his hands, feeble was his son’s hands and feeble was his heart. Tarnished by the bane of his own deeds; his heart was shuddering like the molten shame that which he should drink, swooning like the ashen cup itself that which shall serve him his own shame. There his father took the cup and he started filling it; shame fell into the cup like slime, it was coloured into the colours of the son’s own heart, it had a face of darkened infiniteness, that which if you put your face into, you would sink endlessly. The wrench did unendingly last for the sin was so vast, for the betrayal of Love is the end of a Life. and since the ancient days, Life was not to be ended easily. It went on, from form to another; until the son came and broke the laws of all nature, and so his lips was starting to taste the shame of his own deeds. Slowly were they poured into his body scorching his senses, his organs were melting into the incendiary liquified wrench of his own deeds; terrorizing his desires and agonizing his thoughts that his intellect started boiling into his torn apart mind. That was the deeds he had done being absorbed by his own body. His soul was shuddering that all of its core was ashen as it vanished into other worlds, and hells of bitter isolation, out of his own world and out of his father.


Scene III: (The first butterfly) Continued,

And thus has been, The father of the larvae, in the stillness of the death infested nature, started to devour his own self in pursuit of a greater existence for himself and thus for all his children to become. He realized he can only save them and breed them strong if he himself was something more potent, and that his might in this form is no might without the great salvation of his kind. He knew that he had to die to develop a nature much more vivid, a nature no death can fester and no evil can pursue. A nature of pure untarnished Life. As the thoughts flourished in his mind the strain lead him to the most nostalgic wistful essences of old; the essence of the source of Life. Consumed by the peculiar blend of his own thoughts, he could withstand the pain he is causing himself, he is completely engorging his own structure to form his confinement and his sanctuary where he would wrench his own self to death, and the torturing will taste as hate would touch an unbroken heart, as death creep within the fabrics of life defiling it. His heart was sore, his mind was lurking in the shadows of the screams his body used to make as he tore himself apart. Deep inside his sanctuary it was as dark as the night, as fiery as an altar of scorching flames, like the heart of the star. His core was trembling and despair stabbed his spear into his heart, the spear of fear of life itself; He was dying as slow as the aging of a star, His agony was his contentment, his death was his resurrection, the failure of his very breath was the triumph of his being. So that he and all of his children shall live forever together.


Scene IV: (Orion) Continued,

And thus has been, it was the time the progeny of Orion Nebula should return to its origin, the children of the mother of awe and the descendants of all what is sacred, the stars themselves. It was the aeon when the ardent Love was harnessed at the most high of all passions. It was the age when the zeal for nostalgia and the craving for the inner glows, for the children stars grew old, and old stars are as helpless as butterflies into the tempest of darkness. Lost to despair of losing themselves to the abyssal darkness of this age, the old soon-to-be supernovas of their age are harnessing all of their light to melt into the stellar roots from which they once sprung. They burst so vastly that all of their mass was ejected into the aura of their glory that shone towards their mother until they lose their existence into the embrace of Orion. Myriad were they as they kept on fading into her, incapable of suffusing the eternal aurora that lead the fugue of the end of existence of all things. They’re light was unequal to their own origin, like a drop into the heart of the ocean, yet every drop was an ocean itself. Tired of the bounds of the space they hurled into Orion’s embrace like a child would rush to his mother’s embrace in times of distress. & Orion cradled them into her own bosom into the depth of her sacred fires that her ardent blaze inoculated theirs and refined their incandescence, so that they’re ready for the journey of eternal glory.

Scene I: (The Labour) Last Scene,

When it had all been complete, the thriving children of the sun were scattered across the face of the earth, shedding the unconscious captivity by the death that lurked into deep into the world, and the seizure was baptized into the malignant hate and darkness that were born to father evil. The beams of light were stupefied by the enormity of the wicked evil infested world. For the light was sucked by the darkness of the world; it was so ruinous that the most glaring of all beams of light was slain by the mere desolate shadow of darkness. In their labour, they begged the sun to bring them back, they mislaid their faith and their radiance, they ran into the dark lands that some were taken captives, breeded by evil himself with dim that they formed vast armies of beams of darkness that battled light’s resplendence and battered their lucid hope by their fraudulent and deceptive nature. The beams pleaded for the sun’s aid but the sun kept on pressing them into the world of darkness endlessly, and as much as they begged as much they were drawn to labour; unknowing the breadth of the sun’s plan, blind to the methods of the sun, some of them have lost faith and some not, some lost themselves to darkness and some fought to the last fiery chasm of their own cores, some of them kept moving on and some abode into their posts, unaware that the first moment the sun led them into the world, The sun itself had put some of its own core into them that they may find their way back at the end of all things, so that together they shall live forever.


Scene II: (The Bearing of the Wrench) Last Scene,

When it had all been complete, the two were fainting, too weak to resist the unending urge for their soul to leave their bodies; their heart was as livid as the dead. Reeling upon the floor of the wrench arena. Death has creeped into the son’s own heart deforming his senses, his thoughts and so his spirit. Death has flayed his father’s heart, lurking with fangs of virulent hate, it stabbed the father into his core, it stole the most precious to his heart. For lifeless was the son, into the flames of malice was he burning. A slave he became, and slavery was all he had left into his life… To be more accurate, it is slavery that owned him. His bondage was defiled by his own despair to break free, he wandered hopelessly into the bane of his own mind. Lifeless, thoughtless, senseless, neither dead or alive was spirit; He was absent to existence. & this was his hell, he could not feel he is there at all, he neither could see life into the world nor feel it. Purposeless was he, for the long years of slavery that were condensed into every second he was a slave forced his mind to live the oblivion, he forgot what he is and what he should be. He even forgot his own personality, the one thing he worshipped before the fall. He lost the desire of uniqueness, he lost every desire but the desire of death itself. He longed to be nonexistent. He longed for it and all his thoughts strove for it in his wake and in his sleep. He begged the void to swallow him, for by his own slavery he was addicted, seduced and tortured. Death has found his way to this life and every other life and the father seemingly helpless he stood; with a promise and a covenant of salvation for his own son from all that cleaved the bond that lie between them, A promise that together shall they live forever.


Scene III: (The first butterfly) Last Scene,

When it all had been complete, he intrinsically conquered death. His body was all dead yet the essence of Life was vanquishing all of this dead form. He willingly died so that his might could beat the deathly nature that lurked into his world and festered within his children, those whom death had defiled long ago. He transcended beyond this very nature, stained by the very death that was has thrived. He defied death alone, and in his death was his triumph; for he lost the battle willingly so that he and all of his sons would gain a whole new life, an untarnished nature, and an untainted world. He shudder the seals he trapped himself into, trembling the pillars of his own sanctuary, and tore away the worn-out dead form with a whole new glory, tearing asunder death that once tore. He invaded the world of death, retrieving his captured sons through the eminence of his appearance their hope was rekindled. The strength of his wisdom and the flames of his might were the aura of his existence. He rejoiced into the completion of the salvation he offered to his children for no longer a larva will be dead, only those who are willing to will yet the remanent shall not be beaten. He would teach his sons how to rise again for his is their exemplar. Now, the deliverance is ready and the sons are gaining Life back. So that he and his children together shall live forever.


Scene IV: (Orion) Last Scene,

When it all had been complete, Mother Orion and her children were one. It is the era that now shall together they live forever. It is far better world than all that they have ever known, for death has no existence there. They now are established within the root of existence itself. Now they and Orion are one. For those who melt within Orion have become Orion itself, they lost the ego of their presence to become the origin of all presence. They now dive deeply within Orion, deepen their wisdom and their might as much Orion is deepen hers. They all live an unending hymn of full joy. Into an eternal journey of self-knowledge were they heading, for their joy lies within themselves and within Orion itself. They are pleased in their own, for they were the springs of Life and the authors of the cosmos. They were the prelude, the poem and the postlude of an endless saga of enchantment and ecstasy. Their Love was strong and alluring to their Orion; Love was the perpetual song of the era of their existence that lasted forever. Now unceasingly they burst into flames and blaze that ardently harness all the gases and dust around to create another worlds & child stars. More suns they were and all of them were one, incessantly were they bursting to a whole new preeminent presence. Living forever together as one.




These scenes were written as an example of God’s identity and affinity to Man kind, from one point of view. God is found in many aspects of nature, and nature itself seeks God with all its aspects, including us. Yet, we are far more unique, for we are mediators for nature itself against the corruption that had grown, although corruption has tarnished our nature itself, yet we are given a chance to put an end to all what is ill, and to have a whole new world. We have a chance to be one, with God himself and to spring into many worlds ahead.





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