Into the Sea


Into the sea, thou let me be,
O’transcending me O nature,
Into thy surge, I roam like thee,
I’m one with every creature;

I am as ancient as all bygones,
as all the stars that fall alone,
as deep in time like you unknown,
& deep beyond my time, my home;
beyond those stellar clusters.

My roots lay rapt in grounds of morrow,
& morrow bears a new tomorrow,
thy morrow bears no time of sorrow,
into the sea, thou let me be
into the past and hereafter,

Out of my mold, I feel so old,
& aging erodes hearts sevenfold
and back into thy waters new,
I rose into heavens untold
where none is old, and none is young,
the world’s a rhyme, and Life’s a song,
& Love is a boundless lay unsung,
For we’re the verse and we’re the song,
& your the poet that writes along.

For Life’s a rave, & breath’s a wave,
All shores for so long I did waive
& seas are all what I can crave,
& in the oceans lain deep my rave
am I a slave?
I am a slave,
I am a slave that reigns the world,
renounces the world, denounces the world,
and all his world he forgot and forgave;
a world so long forgot his features.

Thy waters’re curing, thy tides’re luring
& me entwined to a fate so much immuring
that by the world I own I’m lured,
It was not wrath that ensnared my world,
It was the death-born desire to seek the fire
into a cave long was forlorn
into a hollow soul that steps into conjuring
an evil since the world was born,
that prospers in each soul that’s torn,
that rises with each hope that’s worn
that death-born soul had me allured,
so dormant yet thou have been enduring;
so barren lain myself in vain, out of your Love, so lorn,
I’ve let go of my world & my world is self-born
I was the pilgrimage and the pilgrim and of myself I wondered
I was the shrine of all my world back when I was lovelorn
I was the altar of my world yet now your Love’s my altar.

Now I found what I sought,
now I worship what I fought,
to the sea from the drought,
found the God that lain within,
not the one that I created,
not the one that I debated,
but the ocean that which one has looked upon and thought;
“I am so naught!”
Into my ocean I found my droplet,
& my droplet a thousand sea,
I am where God have always been,
& where there was a reason to be,
in a droplet lain the ocean me,
when we are one O’transcending me O nature,
Into thy surge, I roam like thee,
I’m one with every creature.


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