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  • Whisper#7


    Has it ever occurred to you that one day you will not be really here?That you will not know it when the autumn breezes or when the sun rises, That no matter what happens you will never be aware of it… You will return to a state of utter knowing or complete unknowing… To a […]


  • Morning Notes: #2019-02-04

    Morning Notes: #2019-02-04

    There was a whisper, a silent whisper, that there will be no more death in this world. That the voice of absence will diminish and the reigns of leaving will be conquered. That silence shall rule the lands of departing and the waves of weeping shall dry in fear. There was a whisper of a […]


  • Morning Notes: #2019-01-27

    Morning Notes: #2019-01-27

    This is an account of a suffering psyche. I plan to restore myself again into being, I have not been myself for some time now. During my stay, I have found the act of writing to be of a soothing therapeutic effect. I intend to indulge a little more in my writing, I intend to […]


  • Whisper#6


    I have been all in all… Through your heart, deep down my soul & tasted your Love to my surrender To myself, to yourself within myself arriving. Like you, I am drawn into myself, within you. Like you, I long and belong to the open sea — To the endless waves ever-reviving, Unto the starry […]


  • Whisper#5


    Easy as it seems, to stay alive,  to stay vigil & to look the night in the eye. It never was, easy to taste the smell of grass, to feel that touch of buds of wheat. & when speaking, to tell of life, & tell of life only. & breathe the breeze in a Sunny day […]


  • Whisper#4


    There is a fight & in the middle there I lie, Across the golden fields & the starry sky, Across land concrete deep sealed under my feet. & I cannot but fight until I die… into the silver light. There is an ageless time, where phrases said in rhyme. Across the skyline cries, There lain […]


  • Whisper#3


    I want to speak out of the core belief that shapes my own loneliness. Deep down, seated, that I am vile. That I, a damaged man, a damaging man. There is a deep fear of my potential — of my capacity to do evil. I fear the most my shadow — of its own capability […]


  • Whisper#2


    I must beware of compliments. I remembered something I have written two years ago; Enduring a compliment is much harder than enduring an insult. So, this now is for you. Remember this, there will come a time when, out of all the self-aggrandizement that you have built unto yourself, you will fall. You will come […]


  • Night-Time Notes #7: Back into Harmony

    Night-Time Notes #7: Back into Harmony

    I write again — to pour myself out of myself within you. I write again — so I can give what I give; so you can take what you take. I write again — to free myself, to free you. I write again to you — a stranger as close as myself to myself. I […]


  • Morning Notes: live into this moment…

    Morning Notes: live into this moment…

    You’re expected to live in the moment… To enjoy it with all its pains and joys… with all its suffering and peace… That’s what you were born to do… that’s what you should be bred to do… To be able to extend this moment to the boundaries of your own vision as if you’re living all infinity […]