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مقالات بي بوست


  • Letter 2

    Dear Friend, Today is always a time for being thankful, to you… and to everybody whom I meet, I am learning to become someone other than who I am, I am learning that people are inherently good, I am being reassured of that; so good in fact that sometimes I get lost into that goodness…


  • Letter 1

    Dear Friend, I write this so as not to live my life knowing that I have only done what I do not love; not writing to you… So as not to spend my days being other than what I ought to be… I have always wandered? what do people like you do in their spare…


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    Quietus: Poem II

    O’God, O’God—Of Awe & Might;Have Thou let us out of thine sight? O’God, When shalt Thou take away that Gift you gave me once to strive? ‘Proaching the darkest verge of Life,On which our splendour fades away. There’s no escaping the pain we keep; That pain I keep, That’s keeping me, Unalive, Undying, Unbound, Unfree,Perpetually…


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    The Shadow of God

    Still can I look the sky in the eye,& Speak God “O God I know;You cannot turn to me now, & lo,To find me, then, about to die —About to Lose my Flux and Flow;About to lose my wherefore & why.But if you will, I shall not, though;I shall not seek, nor I’ll comply.Yet need…


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    Quietus: Poem I

    One day will come, & I will die; Though… if I can have one friend, By my own side until the end;To hold me—gently—as I die,Then mourn me, dearly, surely Imight have not chose to die at all. One day, I know, I’ll cease the fight, & quit that endless callous day, That keeps my…


  • Contemplations: On Respect…

    It is worth noting that “Respect” as a verb stems from “re- specere” in Latin; which means: To look back. “Specere” as a Latin verb is often translated to “to look, to see, & to observe”. And in turn “re-specere” is the looking back at someone before attempting to take an action. But the inherent…



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