Contemplations: Situational Growth in disagreements & how to attain it

There will come a moment in your daily life situations when you will acquire a certain basis of knowledge or understanding… That kind of understanding will be a sign of your evolution in a dispute or a quarrel like situations…

You can call it for now, ” Situational Growth” ; for it will be initiated and terminated within the time-boundaries of the situation itself.

This Situational Growth will often be a state where you can clearly understand the adversary’s point of view. At this point, you can now know & experience the same state as the person against you or the person you have the quarrel with. You will have a certain sense of how your adversary feels & how everything looks within his/her point of view. & most of all how you or your own argument may seem to him/her.

Such growth is gained by consistent & steady practice of absolute & objective thinking in a neutral medium detached from the impact or influence of emotions that may bias your own judging. Stillness will always be a perfect recommendation for such type of thinking.

& through the constant practice of such behavior no matter how you are drawn by any emotion to your own side in a quarrel. You will always achieve the ability to gain Situational Growth in a faster way along the situations you will face, until you begin to gain it immediately as you step through quarrels.


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