Come, Gentle Night

Inspired by an amazing piece of music “Come, Gentle Night”  by Abel Korzeniowski from the album “Romeo & Juliet” released in 2003.



Come, gentle night, come, O’ night so silky, O’ so blushing.
Let morning be gone once and for all & never re-arrive.
Enjoy this “Now” for “Now” is only now so you can feel alive.
Come, gentle night, come, O’ night of vehemence gushing.
O’ night what need have we in hast what need have we in rushing.
Let morning wait. Let it be late & span across all my life.

Come, gentle night, come, lull beneath thy soaring stars.
Yet, let me paint amorous strokes upon thy canvas blues.
Come, gentle night, come, vigil am I, come swift with no cues,
Let me write of lovers’ tongue long lays and myriad memoirs.
Come, gentle night, & gently tread past thy bygone scars,
O’ Let me pray for one last word with thy black-eyed muse,

Come, gentle night, of thine psyche, of thine muse, speak.
All what your mystic words may imply, signify & tell,
I am the herald of thine coming & of thine muse as well.
Tell tales of her serene strain that I sonorously seek.
Each soul it resonates within, hapless havoc, it will wreak.
& then it breeds euphoric heavens out of their sullied hell.

Come, gentle night, O’ night, thou heed no fear no more,
To whom thou bow O’ night for the wielder of stars is thy sky?
O’ night my heart has left my flesh back to your heavens to fly.
My heart’s enflamed unceasingly by thy muse’s memory it bore.
O’ gentle night, find me thy muse, O’ night, come, quench my core.
O’ gentle night, if thou love me, let thy muse come by.


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