Contemplations: A Silence comprising a Thousand Words

A moment of providential clarity has come upon both of our souls. It was when we ceased to break the silence that we always agreed to break out of fear of awkwardness in our conversation. We started to taste the quintessence of Silence; To enjoy our existence be it in company or solitude & savor it. For this is all what silence was, is and will be.

Silence became a life in itself. It became a conversation so live and so true that it made all words seemed speechless and all meanings became barren. For we began to enjoy each other therefore silence have turned to be the most of altruistic of acts.

Silence became a gift we gave to each other & to ourselves. To enjoy & only to enjoy the rhythm that lies within the folds of each of our presences. We sacrificed ourselves, our chance to express and to profess our vision for a moment of silence. Within which we can continue to co-exist mutually into each other. To fill and to be filled with other’s joys, pains, lessons and experiences. It was a taste of freedom and freedom of entity.

The entanglement of our souls caressed the magic of the moment. We recreated a lifetime of ethereal passion within a moment of the mundane. We resurrected the dead dreams of heavens out of the hells of our reality. Silence was the god of the moment and highlight of the lifetime.It was the beacon of our conversation from which all meanings, all feelings, & most of all… All Love has sprung into the molds of our souls. It was a silence  comprising a thousand words.



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