Letter XIX

Of all necessities should I find you lest
I be the Man I need not be.
Of all the Life’s, ours is the best.
As may we meet, thee & me.
So I find you must,
my faith & trust,
through waves & raves & quakes & gust,
through mist & mirk & haze & dust.
I find you must…
For the sake of our concurring certainties
& the sake of our coherent identities
& the lights of love that bridge our gazes
Never did space seem so prone.
Never have I seemed lost of phrases,
As I dream of you on my own.
Of a world so .. so rare
In which I find thee & me, miss.
A moment as sweet as an angel’s kiss,
A moment as hallowed as a sacred prayer,
A moment of vision, a moment of dare,
a moment of risk, a moment of scare,
As you rest in my soul & I’m in yours
in tender worlds & tender wars,
& as despair may come to light,
Let our Love hide into the night.
Into a humble chapel let us confine ourselves.
That faith I bear, those words I trust.
& so till we concur—ourselves,
I stay consumed by wanderlust.
For I find you must…


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