{Inspired By “Song From A Secret Garden” }

Dor (Romanian): Longing for someone you love very much, combined with sadness, and the need for singing sad songs (Romanian contemporary Language-Romania) -its etymology belongs to “dorinta” which means wish.
It’s impossible to translate. It conveys too much meanings, thoughts, and feelings.

Speak all your words,
Speak of your pain & wounds & lies.
& if you cannot speak,
I’ll ask the tears shed by your eyes.
& if you cannot speak,
Your tears will tell me of your cries.
& how sore were the mere goodbyes,
& if you cannot cry,
I’ll read the grief inside your eyes.
& if you cannot cry,
Your eyes will tell how wounds incise.
& how scathing it is,
When you do miss,
Someone that went beyond these skies.
For eyes speak as they come across,
To tell how life goes on.
How some lights fade & how some has gone,
How bitter is that taste of loss?
How bitter are those hollow sighs?
& if your eyes refused to speak,
Your scorching pain devoured you.
& all that’s left of you is weak.
I’ll touch the wound inside your heart.
Maybe it’s stabbed or torn apart,
& if your eyes refused to speak,
Your heart will sing a heartbroken lay,
As plaintive notes of pain will play,
As misery erodes you day by day;
Leaving you a world in black & grey,
Leaving you lost, forlorn, astray,
Leaving you lost when someone dies,
Leaving you lost with no goodbyes…


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