"Monk" by Caspar David Friedrich

Letter XXIV

Take heed of the distance that detaches sun & moon,
& tell of such distance your heart.
Take heed how this goodbye may seem so soon,
ceasing a chance for a start.
Take heed that this—this Love—comes for free.
Take heed I strive to become me;
Strive to become as my mind falls apart.

Take heed that in the strangest of places,
& of times, have I found you.
Take heed how oddly may you find
or lose the ones around you.
Take heed as I will.
Take heed, for my heart
Has an unsurrendered stoic heart of steel.

Take heed O’ my heart,
that thou must change.
To thine own self, thou must be strange.
Take heed O’ my heart,
Take heed, Take heed.
This world shall break you deep indeed.
Take heed O’ me;
my heart’s heart tells my mind’s mind
To unlove Love, to unlive Life.
To question my sanity’s sanity.
To disbelief my beliefs.Take heed, my soul’s indeed in need.

Take heed, my soul’s indeed in need.
Take heed, for I can’t rein my storm.
May it throng or swarm.
Take heed that thy presence is my pilgrimage
Not my Eden, Not my heaven.
Not the redemption to which I’m driven.
But myself, O’ myself.
Take heed, or you’re so lost indeed…


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