Then let us dance,
& let me touch Eternity at a glance,
& strip our souls of time,
& then we lose our sins;
Embracing a sea sublime,
unleashing every god within,
& sway Divinity in a prance,
Let us dance.

If you are who I see you are,
Then let us dance,
Eye-to-eye —
forsaking all forgetfulness,
Sigh through sigh —
that ripples through remembrance;
Until our fleeting voices freely flow,
Until the freezing frames beyond our names collide,
Until the Loves we had to show may rest or hide,
Until the divine inside us, we come to know,
Until we conquer chance,
Let us dance.

If you know what I know you know,
Then let us dance,
& sear all fears away;
A lifetime is today,
so kiss goodbye your world;
those Loves we loved the most,
each gazing ghastly ghost,
and let’s contemplate our flailing fate,
& share each other’s weary weight,
& let us stall,
Eternity for a day;
A lifetime is today,
So seize all life away,
or cease time in our way,
Within our endless trance,
Let us dance.

If you feel what I feel you feel,
Then let us dance,
& utter universal verses
out of our languid language.
A hundred hymns sung along
these never-ending prances;
Until we sing no more,
Until our youth surrender
to the infant us who soar,
So sublime so splendor.
Such are those  stolen times,
Such is how dancing rhymes,
Such is what they name “romance”
— That swaying serene stance,
Until you feel what I feel  you feel,
Until you know what I know you know,
Until you are what I see you are,
Let us dance.


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