'When two souls meet'. Oil using palette knife on canvas by Raida Shahin.

I shall meet you

From those times I used to love;
From the times I used to laugh,
& those lonely nights
where all the best of yesterdays laid in tomorrows.
& where joy became a myth;
an unspoken secret.
There — Faraway, I shall meet you.

From the noises,
From the noisy rhymes
& noisy times of great surrender.
I shall meet you
at the beating of my heart, & yours.
I shall meet you at the silence.
& silently I’ll love you,
& silently I’ll care.
I’ll go into the lonely night
in silent times & silent rhymes,
& silent aims & silent names.
To find you; a wish within a dream,
A smile perfected in my stream
of each thoughtless thought.

& I shall meet you.
& with all those things you brought
into existence,
& the things I learned
through such long distance,
& all those scars & burnt pieces of our souls;
We shall give back the world its own rainbow.

I shall meet you there,
Deep within a half-remembered dream.
Between wakeness and sleep,
& I am ready,
to give away the last piece of my soul.
Even if you could not.
I am ready to risk my own existence
within yours.
I am ready, to meet you there
within a moment tethered to eternity,
A moment deep within you & me.

I am ready to risk
after the falls & the brokenness,
after the endless sunsets, I used to kiss,
after the bitterness of the naked truth,
after the falling & the tearing.
& as the years play their role
I shall meet you.
across the oceans of time,
& the lands of endlessness.
I shall cross all the burdens of my heart
& all the fractures of my soul.
& I shall meet you.
I shall bind eternity into my own existence.
& though I’ll only lose myself,
Being lost is a loss so precious if I find you.
& I will find you;
Deep within the folds of time.
As will you find your Love within the folds of my own self.
I will lose identity & color.
I will lose significance.
& rise again & be again.
& have who I am back much as who you are.

& like this I will find you;
A prose that speaks itself within my mind,
& a poem that sings itself within my heart.
Like this;
A prayer that prays itself & wishes me to God;
Much as mine heart is thine, & thine is mine.
A hymn that tells of an ancient Love & an ancient religion.

I shall meet you.
& only us shall be & through only us shall we
ever love the Loves we never dared to have.
& be the ones we never dared to find.
& see the worlds we always left behind.
& I shall meet you.


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