A Conversation Within

Have my way, transcending into me,
A whimsy, must we stay dreadfully — obscure
into an esoteric song, a prayer to a lonesome sea
That pours out of a forlorn — forlorn shore,
That pours out of a secret— secret door
Into thine myriad spirit, thine dreary sea,
Into thine forgetfulness, thine secret that I be.
I am your secret, nobody senses or knows,
& yet in thine,  I lose myself freely & find it back;
within the folds of your own heart that I daren’t track.
& though I am One who can always spot the flaws
Within thine heart, no perfection you lack.
I am your secret, & do I secretly tell
of how our darkest — darkest springs.
That deep within your heart a sublime heaven;
A sanctuary within a world of scorching hell.
A world without your touch so poorly driven,
& such as I’m your secret, you are my shell.
Now I farewell much this world I ever dwell.
Welcoming the covenant of perfection;
I am a doubt — an untold whisper
Within the faith of our selfsame resurrection.
Out of the secret in your eyes,
I see my imperfection dies.
Through the waiting of your Love;
In signs & vineyards of sweetest rave,
I have waited for you back then above.
Back then all my world, I forgave,
& time could touch me not
for I have waited deep — a secret
in you…
Till you unfold yourself to me,
To deeply know I’m deeply sown,
into thine heart, a secret…


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