Beats poet Janine Pommy Vega, Seven Arts Coffee Gallery, New York City, 1959. Photography by Dave Heath.


Come as I come unto the light;
I’ve been a lonely long goodbye.
I’ve wandered far this weary way.
Doomed but to always live & die.
Come to the tuneful arching tonight,
Come to this aching sultry day,
Come on the journey of sweet stray,
& let me let your embrace caress my sky.
& let me leave my kisses sleep upon you quiet.
Come let me touch the soul within your sigh,
& to thine peachy cheeks, you let me sway.
Come let thy lushful lashes drip delight,
& let thine eyes stay omens of what’s bright.
For I’m but a mortal man of bones & clay;
unmade, unmanned, undone, hereby
by thine balmy skin you flaunt away.
& in fervour, it condemns me to rewrite
A life of me, out of a luring lie.
That me & thee, & thee & me — are nigh;
So close, we contour a sunset of a lone highway.
So close, In our caress, we kiss the sky twilight,
Forgetting all the words, we were about to say.
For lips, when busy, leave speech to the eye.
& hearts, when merging, teach stars how to light.
Come with your heart, as I come unto the light;
I’ve been the herald of a lonely long goodbye.
I’ve wandered frightened far this weary way.
Doomed by your outlines to always live & die,
Come with your tuneful arches upon tonight,
Come join me on this aching sultry day.
Come forth I’ll feel around your soul & stray,
& let you touch the tunes within my sigh,
Come let me kiss your sleep tonight.
At least, let us, Come, lest we die;
Come let us carve the selves we portray.
Come let us carve each other’s darkness unto light.


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