Swept Away - A Painting by Irene Sherry

Love Letter I

So, I shall love you,
Hence, in the wildflowers,
Each of the passing hours,
rows back to where you lie,
in every sea & sky..
Oh, those loves we forgo,
if we bethink we know,
which Loves are destined to grow,
& which are doomed to die…
Yet I shall love you nigh,
until ages devour,
the life of every flower,
& in the infinite lifetimes
within the passing hours
& in the fleeting climes,
I shall love you for all times,
whence startings are all ours…
I shall love you—deeper,
Into the secret places,
Where only God can be,
between you & me…
Where whispers of our embraces,
Would secretly undo,
the spaces separating you,
From that One we should be.
I shall love you as me,
As God, as Love can be.
Until I have no bread,
Until I give no air,
Until all lives are dead,
I’ll still keep you in there,
Still, shall I love you though,
Hardly, this Love I know,
Each moment going by,
rows back to where you lie,
in spots where Loves just grow…


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