Letter 9: What Shall I Do When I Miss You

What shall I do when I miss you,
but miss you more?!
To kiss those winds that do kiss you,
Kiss every sore,

What shall I do except to wait,
As you fall asleep,
To kiss it as it kisses you late,
Until it kisses you deep,

What shall I do as your charms unfold,
in silent delight?
But to tell a story unwritten, untold,
of the Dawn of your Light,

What shall I do when you leave,
though I know you return,
I cannot attain solace or relief
from the ache and the burn

What shall I do to get as near,
as the inside of your soul,
To kiss away all of your fear,
Till you don’t fear at all,

What shall I do but stay,
next to the heart of thine,
For every night & every day,
& whisper: you are mine,

What shall I do but love you ever more;
To write you prose & rhyme,
To kiss away all ache & sore,
Until the end of time…


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