Contemplations: True empathy is a trait inherent only in a selfless maxim of actions.

While Empathy’s meaning may be seemingly a sort of understanding. Or it may be a vision to the inner perspective of an individual or a subject…

By definition, it can be summed as previously stated. But by experience, Empathy is far more profound and more intrinsic to the inspecting individual rather than the individual or the subject to be inspected…

Empathy deeply lies within the traits of the inspector itself. So it is not like mere understanding that gains its strengths and weaknesses from the simplicity of the subject… It has nothing to do with the subject. It completely relies on the mastery of the inspector.

That inspector should have certain traits to acquire a mastery of empathy. For an inspector who seeks such ability shall remain objective to an endless limit so as to visualize all the possibilities that lies within the domain of events that surrounds a given subject. Then, the seeker begins to extrapolate and exclude all conceptions unrelated to the line of thoughts that which the subject’s fall within… & reevaluate the last scenario & re-visualize it in a way to build a conceivable structure of system of events.

This will require an outstanding ability to remove the seeker’s own identity out of the main frame of the events. This includes the seeker’s own emotions, thoughts, principles & purposes. The seeker should be stripped out of his own world into the subject’s world. To acquire a certain level of dominance on his own empathy so that he can relive all the subject’s frame of events and thoughts.

This is completely acceptable as long as the seeker can get back again to his own identity again. For, a seeker chooses only to see what the subject’s eyes see rather than being the subject itself. The seeker seeks not mere understanding…
The seeker seeks a truth, a truth that is far more real, vivid, logical & pure to the subject than any thing else.

If everyone sought such way we will always find a touch of honor in others actions… If everyone sought to be a seeker himself.

Yet only can such trait be dominant whenever you strip yourself out of your identity for sometime…
Here, your own self can be a great source that will hinder you…


True empathy is a trait inherent only in a selfless maxim of actions.



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