Contemplations: Reside to stillness… & in stillness find Love and live by it.

Life has been built to always make a choice, & one must always make a choice between what is white & what is black…
It may get paradoxical enough for there were never meant to be only two colors but many & much of schools of thought. & at the end the more you stick on the step of choosing the more you will lose your sanity.

& so the only way is to choose is to choose between what is brighter & what is darker, but then with the multitude of the human beings two can see different versions of one color at a time & then they will only think of each other as adversaries.

& so the only way is to mind a little… in fact never mind at all with what is happening but to yourself. Be aware only of your experience & your strain & your own fight. Yet, this way you may lead a careless life & loveless path within which you will always lack the core of being a human being.

& so the only way left, is to reside to stillness. Love it as much as you love your own self. Nurture it for it will be your cocoon when it grows up.
Nurture it with all your powers.
& in stillness choose…
& in stillness care…
& in stillness Love…

For any other maxim of thinking will only lead to insanity or evil.

Reside to stillness… & in stillness find Love and live by it.



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