Morning Notes: pondering about the Sea inside…


I know what you are…

You are alive today, & you are reading this… You may think it is normal. It is not. you have a lot to do. I know that. You may have pledged and promised a lot to do many things to many other people. I know that. You failed to deliver half of what you promised to achieve, I also know that.

You are in charge of a lot of things, and you need to maintain an aura of self-consciousness in order to do it all. You need to inspire yourself from deep inside. You need to blast like a supernova of creativity. You can do it, that is your blessing. Yet you must do it. & that is your curse. You need to reflect yourself into everything you do. To seek solace into the solitude that lies within some of your responsibilities that fall upon you. You need to find the light into the darkness you are living in alone.

To find light in a world of darkness, you must have it deep within you. you must fill the sea inside.

To do that you have to fight… with almost everything. Your fight is not with people, it’s rather a fight of thoughts and temporal things, of all what is substantial against all what is material.

No one will understand your fight, for they cannot yet see it. They cannot see that you are handicapped. That you are disabled. That you cannot do what they do normally without a greater cause. That you seek it deep inside only so you can breathe like they do. Not only that you need to have that cause but you also have to establish it within your domain of existence. You need to spread it, silently… So you can live normally…
So you won’t fall apart and collide and fold within yourself.

You are not inefficient nor lazy nor unmotivated nor forgetful, you just pour a lot of yourself into whatever you are doing…
& the problem is that there is a lot to do…
& Your own self needs to be full constantly…

It needs to be full of the sea inside…
& all that needs an endless fight…



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