From a Writer’s Journal: Read back your own writings to cure writer’s block

One of the best cures to a writer’s block is to read back your own writings…

Read as much as you can back…
Read them thoroughly and sip out of your own emotions and thoughts as much as possible…

Because you will always find something left behind…

Your own writings will do nothing but invoke more…
More sensations, emotions and thoughts. You will always find yourself stumbling between each and every tempest of feelings into other tidal waves between the lines. & each tidal wave will show you a path to another tempest than you can fall in Love with.

A writer is someone who falls in Love with his work of Art. He loves it deeply as Love can be. That is because a work of Art is nothing but the own creation of the writer.

On the other hand the reader is someone who recreates the creation of the writer.
He is the reason why the Artist’s creation resurrects every time he reads it. All the writings turn into one single note resonating into another medium. into another world and another life. Grasping the seeds of eternity within its bounds.
The Reader creates as much as the writer. He touches the very grounds on which the writer strides carefully without falling into his own depth. He treads upon them trustfully. Because he believes in the writer, he believes in all his powers. He believes that an artist can get to the deepest of Life, the most oblivious eternity and the wildest of dreams and come back, showing the way to his fellow reader.

An Artist is someone who has the eyes of God. He struggles to show what he sees.
He struggles to prove a Life within a Life, a purpose , a reason, a driving truth. That identity is an immortal thing and all what has identity has freedom.
And all what has identity has divinity lain deep within.

So when you read all your writings, you fall into that deep romance both ways. You taste the lover and the beloved. You taste the inner core of the Artist and his own Art. You get to remember your depth  and dive within a little bit more.



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