Contemplations: Let fear take a shape…

Your fears are a part of who you are.
They’re a part of your own progression. They’re those notes within the symphony of your own development that will often inflict some sort of negativity regarding your actions.
So, if you looked deep inside into you, you will find that fear is one of the main emotions that may drive your actions…
At first, fear just begins by lurking deep inside of you. Your fear is not real yet… Just a thought.
When you do not confront your fear, when you do not speak your mind about it, it still lies between the curtains of myth and illusion… It’s not there…
Once you think about it, It starts to take a form. It start to animate an object… Taking a shape.. A body that you can confront…
A body that can beat you up and get beaten by you.
& every time you speak about your fear, it gets more real…
& every time it gets real, it becomes more abundant to face it…
It becomes your only option, to get out of the comfort zone and start a war against your fear.
It becomes your only option, to get injured. To fall as much times as necessary in order to transcend…
So, the best thing to do about fear is to meditate it clearly… let it take a shape… a shape that you can face, battle, and beat to the ground…
Never let fear become an illusion… because none can fight an illusion…
Let it take a shape…



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