Contemplations: On Questions…

Always, put science & philosophy within the a domain of interrogatory admiration… but nothing more than that.
Remember that no matter how much respect science and philosophy may get out of you, you will always need to have that questioning sensation… That inquisitive medium is nothing but the sole purpose of science and philosophy (which merely complements science itself)

Because if you by any means started to believe blindly in whatever that relates to such aspects. You will lose that interrogatory admiration… True respect here intrinsically comes out of the question itself… The nature of questioning is then extremely crucial. A good question should never lead only to one answer or even many. A good question should always lead to another question. It should never hinder you from the quest to find the truth. For whenever you find yourself satisfied with an answer; Know that you have already abandoned your quest.

For science will always be built on theories that depend on a number of observations into a no matter how broad limited domain, which will always be insufficient and if you lost the sense of questioning then you are losing the whole seed upon which you have brought up the theories in the first place.

& for philosophy you will always have to question. Because philosophy is all about questioning what falls behind what science has lacked to reach. Here the problem lies within the answers which the human being offers to such questions. No matter how profound, and fulfilling, such answers always share the same curse of limited narrowness of the vision of any human being.

The problem then is not with science or philosophy. The problem sorrowfully is in the minds of human beings which is bounded by nature. For as much as we’re doomed to be free we’re doomed to tread upon the grounds of what is mundane and no matter where we try to fly there will always be a ground, a harbor from which we start of & to which we should eventually reach.

The problem is in human beings… Their perception is incomplete…
They want to sail the seas of divinity with their mere hands and legs…
Unknowing the endless oceans that lies ahead.

So the goal is not to stop sailing… NO…
But to leave a weather eye unto the horizon and be vigil for winds and ties…
But to have an open heart for wonders that may lie ahead.
& to question it all…
A question that will continue to search through the infinite…
For the perfection of human beings lies not in the world….
But deep inside themselves…



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