The Holiday


It was a holiday. A journey, that stretched across the hues of the firmament & the ripples of the waves of the sea. It stretched and stretched that every space between these hues & these waves was as long as a lifetime.

A journey that extended across the fluffy clouds. Re-enhanced by the mesmerizing  aura of perfection formed by the rippling waves of the incandescent light beams of the sun & their reflection into the rippling waves of the sea.

A journey where you lose yourself out of all the insignificance of the past. Out of all that forced you to hate yourself, to feel so weak,… to stay as bleak… Out of all what emptied you. Out of all what left you vacant, & void. Haunted by the ghosts of a broken hope & the demons of a dim past…

A journey where magic existed, where wonder was a fact and where reality was far beyond what you can see, far beyond the obvious, & far beyond the paradox of the visible and the invisible, beyond the dichotomy of the mundane and the heavenly. It was a journey of a soul into its own. A soul that would gaze into itself to see itself gazing back. To see itself into the world and see the world gazing back. Out of all what it lacked and all what it surrendered deep inside the soul that was laid as helpless as babies. Yet as stern as mountains…
A journey to the God within… the God who resides within each soul.

That God was the God of the ordinary… For the first gaze you will have at that place you will understand how God dwells into the ordinary, the visible, the clear, & the familiar. For the Creator is a creator of an extraordinary beauty in all the ordinary creation.

For the first gaze you will witness heavens and hells that never existed but deep within you. For you will see awe within the flames of your eyes as you see the waves that had the reflection of God upon their faces. You will see awe within the halls of your heart as you witness how the firmament embraced the sea lovingly, caressing the adolescent rippling waves with her winds. & the embrace of skies to the waves was as divine as the embrace of God to the whole universes… These waves that kept on quarreling childishly with each others as the skies caressed gently their surfaces.
Your gaze will show you places within you  that you never knew they existed. The depth of the world outside will tell you much about the depth of the world inside of you.

The place was teeming with silence. A silence so lonesome. However, Being alone was the last thing that can be felt there. The silent mountains and the silent seas… A beautiful raging silence that would deliver awe in serenity… that would deliver violence in tranquility. The waves uttered a silence of words… half nature and half God…

There, beauty was simple. It was easy. It was attainable. As ordinary for a human being as having a soul. Exquisite yet ordinary. Enchanted yet simple. Profound yet obvious. There, you cannot separate the charm of the waters & the air. For they co-existed in a unity far more harmonious than two lovers who spent a lifetime together.

There, the most trivial of sensations mattered. Breathing mattered. Every taken breath was wondrous… & every breath coming out was a waste of time… & by implication you realized it was not what came out of your soul that really mattered… yet what went deep inside. What you infuse deep within. The memories, the thoughts, the feelings, all what you process… All the meanings and the goals you set. All the universes that you build within yourself. Worlds within worlds and times within times. There, you would lose yourself into yourself and it would be the most holy of all emotions, and the most sacred of all memories. The memory of the awakening of your own soul.

There, the skies would pierce your soul. It’s the firmament. There is a reason why it is called this way. It comes out of “Firmāmentum” in Latin. Firmā- means to strengthen and to support. Just as the word “Firm” in English. For the skies were firm. They would only breed within you firm hope, firm belief, & firm Love. The skies were firmly loving and firmly tender. As tender as the playful sea. They were in Love you see?! The skies and the sea. A love at which your eyes could only look at with reverence.

There, that blue hues that overlaid all the landscape under the firmament… Hues that descended from heaven as chariots of prayers, pleadings, and creeds. & all the words that the hues could utter would mesmerize the moving & set in motion the dormant within your soul.

There, you would see the uncharted lands, unveiled, untainted, unseen through mere eyes and unfelt through mere hearts. For that uncharted lands were yourself as you gaze at the landscape, the waves & the clouds. These waves that collided like golden sands of time as they reflected the garish hues of the waning sleepy sun. The skies were more beautiful than the most beautiful of all Monet’s paintings. Those divine strokes were angelic. They were fairer than all what could be seen. Seagulls roved the skies & pranced & danced along the songs that were sung by the strokes of the golden clouds as they themselves roved across the blue hues of the tender firmament.  The solitary sky was full of empathy & compassion known not to mankind. An empathy like that of God himself towards the worlds within.
& until you see all of it you would never truly believe how one can find in heaven what none could have seen, what none could have heard, and what none could have imagined. Until you see the possibility of the impossible, it will remain impossible. For there, all nonsense made sense.

There, your soul was awaken to memories you had never had… Memories of a lost place. Forgotten by your kin… by your fellow souls… Memories that never existed but deep within the knowledge of God himself…Memories that would turn the most wounded soul into a healer… That would turn the most vile of demons into an angel.
Your soul has overflown with meanings just as your chest has overflown with breaths… The breaths of the air of the sea.

There, imagination seemed useless… The whole process of imagining was simply in vain…
For all the landscape, the firmament, the sea was formed out of strokes of a divine brush. As pure as a newly born, as tender as an adolescent lady and as serene and wise as an elder…

There, the landscape was a living existence of its own conscience… Who talks in poetry and in prose… In science and in literature…
The landscape had a soul…. deep within the rippling waves and deep within the swaying clouds.

The landscape was contemplating itself into you. The landscape was creating a work of Art within your soul.
Some would perfectly say that the landscape had a journey within you much more than you’ve had a journey through it. A journey of self-discovery.


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