Contemplations: “Kintsukuroi” Embracing the Entirety of your Identity

Never be fooled by your bruises. Your wounds out of the past experiences can cause a riot in your consciousness. & this is totally healthy. Embrace the uneasiness, embrace the uprising and the imbalance it will bring to your inner world. Embrace how much you will be detached out of your comfort zone. You will practice the most severe of conditions in a spartan-like ways. In ways you will curse and bless in all ways possible. You will think of yourself as a broken -that your brokenness is a hindrance to your survival and to your goals.  Yet the true lesson is that there is nothing to fix within you. Your brokenness is not to be fixed. Your brokenness is a part of who you are -an essential one in fact. Your flaws define you as much as your merits. Your wounds define you as much as your bandages. Your weaknesses define you as much as your strengths.
There is nothing to fix within you. If you try to fix yourself, you still have not figured it all right. You need to look differently at yourself. There is nothing to fix within you. Nothing to be rectified. Nothing to be cured.
What you need to see within you is the entirety of lessons that you learn, of experiences recurring to you. The entirety of goals and values, that form one after another, the entirety of your identity. That you are beautiful in all ways possible.
& that deep within the visible imperfection of all what you are lies an invisible perfection of all your capabilities.
You need to realize deep that all what you’ve been through had led to this moment. A moment of choice, to see what you want to be and what you need to be. To fulfill your purpose. To perfect the reason why you exist… To achieve the fullness, the depth of your profound identity.
This way you will love who you are as an entire human being. With all your flaws and your merits, all your wounds and your bandages, all your weaknesses and your strengths.
Brokenness will cease to notate a negative aspect in your personality, but rather a necessary phase within your establishment. It will sustain your purpose and your identity.
There is nothing to fix within you. & those who will pity you in any way in their actions or words are to be pitied themselves for they cannot still perceive the beauty within the ugliness of your nature. They still cannot perceive the perfection within your imperfections.

Your brokenness, your flaws are as integral to your identity as your wholeness.
& it’s a permanent duty to always embrace the entirety of your identity.


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3 responses to “Contemplations: “Kintsukuroi” Embracing the Entirety of your Identity”

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      I’ve read it & I loved it so much. Wonderful article. Keep blogging 😉

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