In my feebleness I found my life, I found my verve, I found my zeal.
In my wounds, I am renewed, I’m bound, I’m cleansed,  I soothe, I heal.
In my grief, O vivid me, O merry me, such feelings so intense to feel.

For thou art my Life in this death & if thou love me let me stay nigh…
Let me come by… closely, serenely. Let me utter no “Goodbye”.

In my sorrow, I surrender to a truth so sweet and tender.
All tomorrow’s grief’s tomorrow’s. “Now” is all I can remember.
“Now” is cheerful. “Now” is gleeful. Now’s an eternal ember.

For in “Now”, your memory tangled all what thoughts can signify.
For in “Now”, all what you are is me Oh you… Oh me… Oh my….

Lead me back to where you ponder. All these faces seem to wander.
In pursuit of a sense of sharing, nearing, caring, fearing, daring.
Liberating yet ensnaring. That which I discovered yonder.

In the memory of your face, carved within my future sky.
Reassuring, reaffirming, each time someone says “Goodbye”

Long, O me craved home to stay. Yet I sailed so faraway.
Seas of time & storms of fate left me lost, forlorn, mislaid along my way.
No stars, no cues. So doomed to cruise, condemned to stray.

Doomed in my dull disbelief, no relief can soothe my eye.
Yet your seas surge my certitude answering each “wherefore” & “why”.

O sweet stranger, O so close O so intimate, than you can ever imagine.
O sweet stranger, O if thou knew how my soul you do revive, you do impassion.
One day, We shall share ourselves, share our empathy, our compassion.

Till then, rest assured I’ll seek you, may you keep a weather eye.
Till then, somewhere some when somehow  we’ll encounter.. you & I…



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