Letter IX

How long will ending start after starting’s end;
For in waiting weary me hardly can fall or transcend?
How long we’ll separately breathe if our paths are entwined;
For waiting is unbearable for my psyche & my mind?
Until we touch & time would be whole,
& history complete.
Until we cease to act at ease,
& act that life is sweet.
Until we concur that pains will recur;
Until we meet.
Until we confess that parting’s a mess,
All solace lies deep in that air that I kiss,
That air that caresses your cheek.
Till then days spent & it’s you that I seek
in warping rhymes & shifting times,
in dreams, in screams, in facades & streets,
in triumphs, defeats,
in breathes, in beats.
My journey in cycles ends before it’s begun,
Each day your hope may surge in my soul,
& in waiting I slowly swallow the sun
Each night becomes hollow hells that I stroll
As my soul comes undone.
O’ me my one.
In my journey I have none if I’ve not your name.
In my journey I’ve only words to soothe dismay’s flame.
& in wandering, I swear I dare not but claim;
How long will ending start after starting’s end?
How long will I see you before patience may end?



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