Letter VIII

I saw you rain I saw you gleam,
A fire reflected in a stream
A solitary weary wave
That I would sail yet I’m not brave.
But in your eyes,
The stars, they guide me in disguise.
Oh I dare sail,
& break the secrets of your veils.
& tell the moons & suns & sky,
& tell the trees & birds up high,
& tell each moan & groan & sigh,
each tear, each cry;
Of that endless journey within you.
But until one day may come through
& those roads entwine —I with thee.
How much life I’ll live inside of you,
& you in me?

I saw us deep before we meet,
I saw us smile. I saw us greet.
& I saw us try
to hide our tears in each goodbye.
to next morning’s laugh,
One beating heart yet torn in half.
Oh why can’t we—
If I’m in you & you’re in me?
To meet before we’re deemed to meet
& to see our hearts as one, they beat.
& though all men may lose themselves,
we stand by ourselves within ourselves.
On faith, I’ll live that I’ll meet you.
Until one day may come through
& roads entwine —mine with thee.
Much life I’ll live inside of you,
& you in me.


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