Between a duo, I rove. Between a duo, I wander.
Though I deeply know; the best of history is yonder.
& that our future selves will coincide once more.
Just as we did, before our birth back on the days of yore.

Till then but faint “Hellos” I have, so are the faint “Goodbyes”.
Till then so slowly a part of me, day after day, it dies.
Now yearning’s been, a grace & a sin, soothed by some hollow sighs.
Now slowly I unfold within, in vain & empty tries.

But torn is my soul between the longing & belonging.
But torn is my heart unto your song,
While craving keeps on thronging.
Till nothing be but myself lost. & that was me I found.
& I found myself Lost—I found myself torn.
I found myself dead—I found myself born;
Of a world between skies & ground,
Of a world in between, A war of lust & trust,
Of faith & flesh, of spirit & dust,
Of a soothing truth & a yielding youth,
Of a lucid  lie & death so old that may never die,
Of an opposite & an opposite & you’re in between.
O’ my splendour, O’ my surrender.
O’ my tenderness O’ my utter mess —unbound, untied, unseen.
O’ my second self. O’ my sweetest me.
O’ my skies & lands & sea. O’ my true queen.


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