Self Dialogue

O’ Self, do speak words bright or bleak
Of Life, that’s passing by.
Until I see all things in me,
before I come to die.
“Oh, things are yet what you may see.
But deep much as you try
to see God in a dying star
& eternity in an eye.”

Speak of all questions you may ask.
Speak of all your frail fears.
To question Life is no plain task.
Yet for you, I’m all ears.

For needed is, the chance to know
the world down deep/up high;
the chance to wonder why & how
& what & who am I.

Before that kiss, of pain & bliss
of all what knowledge means.
Of how experience transcends you
Yet sheds you to smithereens.

“We are each one that We’ve encountered
We are each friend or foe.
each one we see, each one we hear,
each one that we may know.”

“We are each song, each deed gone wrong,
each deed correctified,
We are all those whom we lied to
as much as we’re who lied.”

“We are each pain, each grace, each stain,
each virtue & each vice.
Our deeds are marked in red as blood.
Yet just as white as ice.

“We are in journey to the source,
Yet we’re the source —each one.
Each seeks the bearer of them all,
The father and the son.”

“One other, we ever condemn.
Yet One Source, we are each.
Forgetting to live what we say,
to practice what we preach.”

“Away, we seek love, faith, & hope.
We seek a light — a guide.
Between the worlds outside of us,
we lose the worlds inside.”

“To suck life’s marrow, there’s no tomorrow.
To suffer to survive.
That lust will last; To brood on the past.
To read each page of the archive.”

O’ Self, tell me before we leave.
Before we come to die.
of all you know that life may be
before that path goodbye.
“All Life is yet what you may see
But deep much as you try
to see God in a reborn star
& eternity in an eye.”


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