Letter XIII


In my nocturnal wait,
I love you enough.
As I’ve loved you & yet
in my nocturnal wait,
I utter more letters than all alphabet.
I find more meanings between love & hate.
Between good & evil, between dark & light.
& in my nocturnal wait,
Endlessly so wounded is my soul,
Endlessly so sorrowful.
Until the time may come,
& so back is our Romance.
Then, we Farewell all Farewells.
Into our endless divine dance.
My night becomes our dawn.
The night I wait on my own.

In my nocturnal wait,
I love you enough.
As I’ve loved you & yet
in my nocturnal wait,
I wait for us to grow,
I love you enough to know the world,
Before It’s you I come to know.
Yet As I grow
Time fleets by increasingly.
As I age unceasingly,
But aging is a sudden kiss.
Upon the prospects of my soul.
That kiss I cannot control.
& As I wait,
No longer I exist.
No longer could my harrowing hate
subsided by the kiss my soul has kissed.
Yet in scorching sorrows, unknown tomorrows,
I only have but one true fate.

To savor the tastes of what you can be.
To savor the thoughts of wishes,
the moments a lifetime as long,
the hours lost in a nocturnal song;
Of a nocturnal Love & nocturnal kisses.
The hours where me can once more be me.
Where I love again the stranger that I became to myself.
Into the way I see my soul from yourself.

In my nocturnal Wait;
I savor the best & worst of Loves.
I savor the best & worst of times.
I savor most of all —you.
The best of you, the worst of you.
For you’re all that Life can endue.

I savor the hour within which you devour
my senses, my defenses, with no consequences.
Except that, I become more of me within you.
& you become more of yourself within me.
As we become one in all & all in one.

That’s when waiting becomes livable, Lovable.
That’s when waiting becomes no more waiting.
But surrendering to the hands of time.
As a poet surrenders to his rhyme.
As a dawn of Love, imposed by fate
Out of a nocturnal wait…


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