Letter XIV

Needed, no new expression,
No song, verse or lullaby.
Our Love is but a question,
& the answer is you & I.

Now, I have stopped to love,
for I have stopped loving.
Like a shadow surrendering to the self
from a journey in a garish day.
Like that, I stop before we stray.
Utterly adhering to thyself.
For in halting, we move on.
& in silence, we connect.
Like myriad stars ‘pon night skies —drawn,
& their lights, ever project
the songs of our eye-gaze.
Songs brushing our hearts
Between the flames of longing & belonging.
In silence, we ever deny,
the disquiet of the world
Into the sweet homesickness.
That frail fragile weakness,
Strengthened only in our Love
& the gaze of our eye.

Into our Love,
Now becomes our future & our history.
Now becomes our secret & our mystery.
Now becomes a prayer, a contemplation,
a dedication to what we are,
To all our tears, all our fears, all our scars.
Now becomes eternity & serenity.
Ever worshipping our own Love’s Maternity.
For love has given birth to you & I.

I’ll watch our questions
wrap themselves into ourselves,
Into the rooms of solitude & the halls of multitude.
Into the sweet summer songs of your smile.
Into my ever beating heart —calm yet agile.
I’ll watch our questions
& observe the myriad faiths, they bear.
& songs of Love, as you come near.
I’ll stay vigil, keeping a weather eye.
For the time of you & I.

This is how I need to keep you,
This is how I need to love you,
As a light that loves his star,
As a voice that loves his source,
As a poem that loves her poet,
As a picture perfected, as a shadow reflected.
As a silence, as a violence.
As a gaze matured by Love.
A gaze, you & I, share
In joys & laughters, & tears, & despair.
Merging our existence into One.
Silently, trustingly, violently, lustingly,
From stardust to a Sun.
As I  cease to write each of these.
I, Now, have stopped to live,
for I have stopped living.
You, have I stopped to love,
for we have stopped loving
ourselves within ourselves,
our reflections into each of us.
& into our reflections, our Love’s exemplified
sustaining ourselves in the times of solitude,
amending all Love, so long, we subdued,
the times together, that we’ve been denied.

Needed, no new expression,
No song, verse or lullaby.
For Love is but a question,
& the answer is you & I.


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