Letter XVI

Come closer;
As our moments, we highlight.
Come closer;
Let us stargaze through the night.
Let us find us,
Let us let our past behind us.
& with each other’s open arms,
Let us embrace the dusky charms
stretching across our sight…

Come closer;
For my Love is hidden in nature
Into the grass & the skies,
Into my eyes & your eyes.
& I don’t know why.
My Love is hidden into the moment of a sweetest capture,
& the stolen rapid rapture.
& I don’t know why…

Come closer;
For I’m an aesthetic captivate.
I’m an ascetic isolate.
My Love is hidden into myself & thyself.
Into all what we become together.
& I don’t know why.
My Love is hidden into itself.
Into God; creating us where we are, when we are.
So we can be what we are;
As you come closer.

& “Closer” vaguely, we become the heroes we feared to follow.
Together, we will savor all the pains we feared to swallow.
Together, we become, Together we arise
A newly born sun out of a star’s demise.
& let us then come closer when
we gaze the sunset of our lives.
while in each other we’re curled.
Or watch our Love ever revives,
gazing the sunset of the world.


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