When You Pray

When you pray, Remember to pray for the fallen. Those who were swept away by the turmoil of existence. Those who lost the charm of the most fundamental of all questions & the beauty behind every reason to answer each. Those who lost the cause & the journey. Those who lost the meaning & the destination. Those who lost themselves, & along with it everything else.

For those who found none whom they can Love & moreover those who found none who can love them. Those who spend a life worth of everything in the belief that they worth nothing. Those who took darkness as a doctrine & indifference as a creed.

Pray for the outcast, those who left the hearts of everyone with no remembrance, who stopped believing in their own existence. Those who failed to find a meaning nor could they create one out of their lives.

Pray for the ugly, for those who found neither beauty nor grace in the eyes of those who looked upon them. So, they remained ugly in their own eyes as much as the eyes of the world. As ugly as the world has been to them.

Pray for the Lost, those who failed to find their purpose or the ones who can share theirs. Those who roam the endless seas of Life without a destination — doomed by their own freedom. Cursed by the very blessing everyone is having. The blessing & the curse of possibility & choice.

Pray for the weak, those who failed to get out of bed, those who surrendered their Life to the endless retribution towards their sins —spending nights after nights walking across the traces of their own mistakes, hoping to find salvation in suffering, trying to make amends out of rumination.

Pray for the sleepless, those restless souls trying to find the serenity of the morning in their nights. For they are ever doomed to walk the night paths of their own pain alone — Down to the veils of their darkness they walk until no sleep can they get, no rest can they feel & no relief is needed for them anymore. There, at night, darkness is their only rest & relief.

Pray for the loveless, those who have longed for warmth even at the coldest of hearts. For no hearts can ever contain their longing, no hearts can ever serve them what they crave for, & no hearts could ever end their aching.

Pray for those who are afraid of silence. For in daylight noises, they can forget the night voices inside of their own souls. Those who are desperate for a company yet are always alone in the presence of any.

Pray for the unknown, the misunderstood, & the unfelt. Those who found none to contain their memories or their hopes, who found none to embrace their thoughts or feelings, who found none to touch their hearts or caress their souls with no fear or disgust.

Pray for the unforgiven, those who are condemned to roam alone across the burden of their own wrongdoings, with no chance of redemption or atonement — condemned to be guilty forever into the cold hearts of their judging victims.

Pray for those who live into their own stories, who find nothing more out of life that they can taste or wonder. Those who stopped sensing or feeling, who stopped wondering or questioning, who stopped tasting or smelling, who stopped worrying or meditating. For they are truer into their own stories than in real life. They ceased to exist because their stories are much more real than reality itself.

Pray for the very good, the very gentle, and the very brave. & most of all pray for the very loving. Those who can make Life out of nothing yet found nothing out of Life. Those who found themselves loving yet unloved, fixing yet broken, healing yet wounded, creating yet destroyed, tender yet deserted…
Those whose empathy was always met with indifference.

For it will take a lot out of this world to get rid of them…
It will even take more than death to kill them.
It will take Life itself to kill them…

Pray they can surpass Life without dying…
For only through those, can we have Life…



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