Letter XXIII

Teach me,
Perhaps my meanings are meaningless.
perhaps my feelings are feelingless.
& perhaps my soul is incomplete.
Yet surely, there does exist
Lessons, my mind can never resist
nor my heart can ever conceive.
May it be of a joy so bleak or a suffering—sweet.
May it be of an endless cheer or fear or grieve.
Teach me what I have failed to understand;
Of Love and Life & chance & fate.
Of how you hold my Love at hand.
Of how you have keys to each door or gate,
Conquering within me, an uncharted land.

Teach me,
For I have failed to understand,
To speak God in prose or take eternity at hand.
I have succumbed to my condition;
To gladly learn
in baby steps, & adolescent ambition,
I kindly burn.
Kindled lovingly in the softest of Lessons;
that is the quietest,
& yet the mightiest.
As a perfect candle’s incandescence
into a dreary darkness.
Teach me a Love I can harness.
Whenever my faith is weak,
To pause on Life to live now.
Whenever times become as bleak.
The way you taught me to reset Life
Like never have I lived before.
The way you taught the oceans in me
To have in your climes a trustee.
To embrace each doubting shore
Concealed they’re not forevermore.
My shores of Love,
Between thy wavy absence
and thy weightless presence
Flawlessly they prance.
within thy endless tides.
Yet in an endless trance
All my reason subsides
Until you choose to teach me.
what I have failed to understand
How in your Love there’s a thousand sea
Within my heart, that I can command?
How God can exist within me
as a Love that I cannot withstand?


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