Storm stroke… [A prayer… by a pagan to an unknown God]

Close your eyes…

Visualize a storm…

The vast sky is sucking up all the courage that’s left within your heart…

The shades of light are battling with the vast clouds…

Just like your cheeks are battling with the air that strike it as harsh as waves would hit the rocks…

& smell of the air is running into ur lungs as rivers would pour into the seas…

Sorrowfully, your lungs are too small for the air that keeps pushing…

STOP- Now. You stay like this for the next 60 seconds with your eyes closed & faced up high…

Now you can open this & read it … & pray…


“My prayers are dead,
My storms collide,
I cannot hide
the storm inside my head;
all of my prayers are dead,
& my heart resounds like an eastern drum,
Into the western wind,
My feelings resonates as a strum,
I know how much I’ve sinned,
& my thunderclouds do crush,
Under the purple hues,
Stirred by my divine muse,
As my storms rose to gush,
Under the raging surge,
Under my fervent storm,
that took me to the verge
Where all our souls may swarm;
O Storm O Storm, of dread,
My heart, now, I re-weave,
But you won’t seize to cleave
Every shard I may shed,
But you won’t seize to cleave
Every vein & each thread!
& as I swoon as smoke,
I gaze the end of Skies,
My muse, she seized to talk,
I couldn’t read her eyes;
Back then, her beauty broke
On where his thoughts arise,
Back when he heard her cries,
Without the need to cry,
But now his prayers, they die;
My Storm,
I live a murky night,
A night as vast as hell,
A night as certain as death,
On my knees, I fell,
My prayers flow as I knell,
With the incense of my breath;
My tongue is hard as steel,
My heart will seize to feel,
Until you seize upon my soul,
& drench me till I reel.
Until you wrap my storm as whole,
& cleave what I can’t heal!!!
& fill the stern & empty storm,
With hurricanes that conceal;
Before you may unseal!!!
My Storm,
I live a weather I can’t subdue,
& all my prayers are swooning through,
& all my sighs are lost behind,
As all the storms that quench my mind,
As all the feelings that are confined,
But now I’m falling back to you,
Unheeded! Where you’re gale lies there,
& then you bind me as I flare,
We gush hurricanes everywhere,
My soul, in you, is all my prayer…”

-17 October 2012


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