"Tree of Life" by Eddie Calz courtesy of DeviantArt

The purpose of Life

To stay,
while searching for home.
To roam the streets of intricacies,
& the alleys of intimacies,
& never lose home,
while losing way.

To find,
The ones within yourself.
To embrace & to kiss each insurmountable distance,
& to conjure subsistence out of void.
To face the demons, you avoid.
While pack all what you can of courage, grace & persistence.
It may seem that you’ll be destroyed.
Your spirit, your heart, your intellect, your mind
will whirl as if you wander blind,
Until you find God
— until you find mankind.

To express,
The selves you sprout to be;
unnamed, untamed, unbound.
A divinity—profound.
A single drop— A sea.
Deluging in excess.

To know,
To witness tides & conquer pride,
& tear the skies with a mighty smite.
To harness remembrance into remedy,
& spawn of melancholy a melody.
To savor —
To savor Life & weigh it
between the rock of reason & the streams of fun.
& conquer the wars you lose,
& revel in your bruise.
Each war, if relished yet lost, is won.
Each war will let you grow.

To dance,
& meet the sun, & moon, & shine, & shade.
& sway amongst the stars parade
— in poise & frailty, so meek so dainty
through the staggering, tottering, faltering, uttering
— music through the stuttering, muttering, mumbling noises.
To be the flame of the voices.
The voice for the voiceless.
To sway all resolve in surrender.
To be of Life a defender.
To live a modern romance,
& to banish death in a prance.

To learn,
To consciously burn,
of one heart, of one mind, of one soul.
& find delight into the light
of the divine knowledge of the whole.
& worship truth silently,
& battle fear violently,
& cast all darkling night,
in truth to which you yearn.

To despair,
To be broken, & scorn, & torn asunder through air.
To forget joy, & lust, & life, & death,
& sacred myth, & ascetic prayers, & raving affairs
— Yet stare widely into abyss.
& see all darkness do you — miss.
& see all darkness gaze you back.
& drench the sickness unto death,
that fragile myth,
& tell how life is all unfair
before one last self-murderous prayer.

To seek,
& delve deeply into yourself.
& consciously kill & fill the time.
in pondering, wondering, blundering, wandering,
thundering, sundering yourself within yourself.
& wear down all books upon each shelf.
& recite down each passage, each phase, each phrase, each word,
each muse, all news, each curse, each verse, each prose, each rhyme.
To conquer time
& to be called a monster for it, a beast, a brute, a freak.
& to seem unsavory, minute, & waste, & weak.
Because it’s only you who try to seek.

To gaze,
To get high on nature.
To be needing no liqueur, no spirits, no tonic
For as much as transient, life is chronic.
To be drunk on the autumn breeze,
& the breath of trees,
& the freezing winter’s snow,
& the rising stars that glow,
& all the luminary blaze.

To say,
To raise the emblem of expression.
To trust & to surrender to labour,
To quench your thoughts into the vapour
— of the creative elixir of nature.
To tell the tale of your heart,
& all the hearts you capture.
Come ruin or rapture.
For only lies, the glory,
within the chronicled story.
So in this lonesome life do tell.
in this lonesome life do say.
To overrun repression,
So you can pave a way.

To do,
To try, & try, & sigh, & cry, & try again.
To sin unendingly & break the code again & again.
To sin, & falter, & fall.
To stay true.
To stay true to all.
To be a child again, to be forever new,
No matter how you lust or rust or old.
No matter how you fall.
To be forever new,
Or to be none at all.
To imperfect yourself through perfection.
To be the perfect imperfection,
To try & try & sigh & cry & try again to fly.
To transcend to perfection;
To do, To become true…

To Love,
To suffer long — to die when all goes wrong.
To be unimaginably kind, incomprehensibly kind,
unfathomably kind, inconceivably kind, ungraspably kind.
To seek no profit, no commodity, no gain, no winning,
no fruit, no result, no product but your Life.
To seek no prize but your Life.
To take no price for your Life.
To spring out of the cresset of truth
The fires of all youth.
To bear all things.
To believe all things.
To hope all things.
To endure all things.
To never fail…
To never fail to Love entirely;
To stay entirely,
To find entirely,
To express entirely,
To know entirely,
To dance entirely,
To learn entirely,
To despair entirely,
To seek entirely,
To gaze entirely,
To say entirely,
To do entirely,
To Love entirely;
To Live entirely…


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