Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh.


O’ I’d leave you at a standstill;
Fatherless — orphaned at infanthood.
I’d leave you — not at will;
Severed, estranged,  misunderstood,
In a life, you won’t fulfill.
& even if you would,
they would do you no good.
O’ my son if I could
unbear you then I would,
& leave you — ink & quill.

I’d leave you all in pain
— left outcast, solitary, & repressed
within each livid vein.
I’d leave you unexpressed.
I’d leave you as you drain
the heart within my chest.
I’d leave you drops of rain
showering my soul undressed.
I’d leave you all in strain,
For you will never rest,
as we both wax & wane
at existence’s behest.

I’d leave you all forlorn.
O’ my soul’s soul, my heart’s heart.
I’d leave you here unborn,
with no end & no start.
I’d leave you here to mourn,
that you will take no part;
— unexistent yet untorn.
O’ my sweet work of Art,
Can we ever depart,
Or break that cycle apart
— of bearing, of being born??


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