Night-Time Notes #7: Back into Harmony

I write again — to pour myself out of myself within you.
I write again — so I can give what I give; so you can take what you take.
I write again — to free myself, to free you.

I write again to you — a stranger as close as myself to myself.
I write again to ponder of the old ways of our Life.
To take your hand out of this new silence into a new song.
To born you back into harmony.
I write again into my darkest hour, out of my faintest hope, into a radiant dawn for you & I.

I write again — of the wondrous visions of the glory ahead. I write of conquering of yourself by yourself within yourself. I write of you to you so you can remember who you are.
So you can ask yourself the question you keep on asking Life. So you can be the meaning you have never found into the world.

I write again; of God & of you. I write again of the untasted bliss & unsavored blessing within mere existence.

I write again; so you may read. so you may master Life and swallow the bittersweet drench of presence.
So you can suck life to the marrow, & master the art of experience.

I write again;
To tell you that there are still roles to be played,
There are still songs to be made,
That there is still you & me.



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