Entice my heart as well,
& tell thine sultry secrets much as I come to tell.
For I trust the hands of time,
That sent you back subsidingly sublime;
Unto my tireless tides,
within my  eventual autumn,
& upon my imminent sunset, my demon hides.

I cast my dreary rhymes,
To wipe away all unborn stains of your crimes,
In an attempt to unsee the hells within your eyes,
The ones within which I drew heavens
& all the unrelenting earth & unruly skies,
& all that transcends myself, I drew it by myself.

I drew it within, I created within my world, within you, my one, my whole.
I created within for I know, I know it all,
I know the perpetual parchment — the divine canvas of your soul.
For I am what I am, that you are.
& you are what you are that is who I am.

That be here, O’ my hell, sweet,
O’ sweetest joy or a luring decoy that us may meet.
That us may be, that us may we, be true or a factual deceit.
I come from where I lie unto the lands of bittersweet goodbyes,
Of the never-ending sighs, & the never-ending cries.
I come like death may fleet, & as we unintendedly meet,
In the never-ending goodbyes, & the never-ending cries, may we never-endingly greet.

To be at One in an untranscended hell.
As immaculate as an ocean — a harmonious commotion,
of a fatal silent love, that eats itself as well
— consuming all in all, the both of us as a whole.
& utter away perfection, unto the perpetual parchment — the divine canvas of our soul;

Uttering away such ravishing ravenous spell,
that entices back your heart as does my heart as well.
& tell thine sultry secrets much as I come to tell.
To bear a garish Eden, out of our livid hell.


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