To be a “God”…

With every day that’s born,
With all the wuthering tides;
My passion is reborn;
My Love once more abides,
And I,
I’m a new star soaring high,
I rose beyond the furthest sky,
Beyond the stars, beyond the clouds,
Beyond the lonely withering crowds,
I took the road less traveled by,
They may rumble, mumble, tumble,
Time goes by & they may crumble,
They forgot to keep it humble,
Passion needs a weather eye,
Once you sleep, it’ll say; “Goodbye.”
And I…
I’m a deep silent calm cry,
I’m the voice of the morning sigh.
They may natter, flatter, chatter,
In their voice, they just may shatter,
If they did never ever scatter,
They seek the science behind matter,
Losing the dreams flowing by,
Science needs dreams to glare & fly,
And I…
I’m a soul death cannot tie,
I’m what my own can’t deny…
Ask my own, it shall reply…
Wonder under lovely thunder,
Let your thoughts be torn asunder,
Wander — though many times you’ll blunder,
Wonder; wondering sets you high,
Nothing kills like thoughts such dry,
Wonder till you get so high,
Wander & taste the times you waste,
Let your feelings get interlaced,
Times you’re spending in your haste,
You die slowly & you deny,
Just remember;
It takes less than death to die,
& I…
I was made a “God” each moment,
I pour myself in my sky,
I’m a “God” in my God’s eye,
I can banish every lament,
No sorrow I could not defy,
I’m igniting every sky;
As I write each split second, each twinkling stage,
As I taste the joys of living peace & smiles & cries & rage,
And I…
I write each moment flowing by,
My life is my poem, & each new day is just an empty page;
My life is my poem, & each new day is just an empty page…



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