"Veiled Lady" by Raffaelo Monti.


Here I am, weltering between turns of day;
arousing to the dawn of your visage,
conforming to the afternoons of your Loss.
Having been cured innumerably,
But fading into the dust of chance & surrender
Burning into a thousand torrent of a fountain
— strained out of your heart unto mine
a spring turning stardust into mountains
Singing the songs of the sublime
and echoing pain back to eternity
echoing back,
the ache of need,
the wounds of your lack,
the sore in my soul,
the brood in my bones,
when your eyes blink out of existence
of ours altogether serenely.
Between the realms whole & naught,
between life & between God,
between the folds of your veils you peeled off of my soul;
They loom into the afterglow
In a perfect noise of an incomplete harmony;
between the lover & the beloved,
between thine veil of imperfection,
that made sacred unto your image.
Between thine silence of reserve,
that made resonant unto your tone.
The one I saw,
The one I listened;
amongst the stars, & between the trees,
within the sands of the desert & the sands of time.
within the oath, we made to existence.
That we may pierce it through, together
That we may unveil the secrets of the divine, together.
That we may become,


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