I have been all in all…
Through your heart, deep down my soul
& tasted your Love to my surrender
To myself, to yourself within myself arriving.
Like you, I am drawn into myself, within you.
Like you, I long and belong to the open sea —
To the endless waves ever-reviving,
Unto the starry skies ever-blue.
Unto yourself & unto me.

I taste it and surrender
within our circadian limbo,
& tell you that I need you just.
& tell you that I love you must —
Must I face my own shadow.
My own portions that I disown.
The self in me I fail to know.
& tell you that we need to face
the facelessness of our time.
& tell you of that sacred place
you fill as I write you rhyme.

I have tasted the world’s lure
& Oh, it blurs! & Oh, it blurs!
within the entirety of your beauty
— the entirety of truth.

The entirety of your being;
I have tasted it all.
I can taste no more.
For I have been all in all
— in you I lose my being into being;
I live, move, & exist,
& yet I am no more.
Only you.
Only us.

For now, my soul is too much for myself
— myself is too much for myself.
I need you to withstand my heart unto your being;
For my Love is much torrid for my chest.
I can no longer breathe for I breath you;
I suffer long, I bear all wrong,
I believe all in all, hope all in all, endure all in all.
For I have been all in all…
For I have been the entirety of beauty…



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