A painting by Andrew Atroshenko.


Out of my omniscience, I rob,
Your presence out of Life,
I wandered lonely till I stop,
Unto that lyrical strife,
Unknowingly, your essence
touched mine — all that was hollow,
My deepest dormant effervescence;
That whispered down:”No tomorrow”

Unknowingly, I conquered
the self in me subsiding,
the maelstroms in my residing.
Unpurposefully, I’m conquered,
Unpurposefully, I lingered — unknowing
the love within unfolding, prevailing, flowing
within myself lingering within yourself;
Rippling unto the waves of the absent villainy.
Unto the ineffable words of a litany;
To our unencumbered liberty.

Unknowingly, I fused,
unto the colors of your cheeks,
Baked through you unto existence like bread.
Like a sea, I lost my horizons within your eyes.
Like a dove, I found my pathway down the folds of thine hair.
& Like a sky, your hands embrace the beatings of my heart.
With that Love chalice I used, I’m used.
I roved within thine heart for weeks,
& in each second to thine own heart, I was wed.
Like bread, & sea — Like doves, & skies,
I’ve besought thee ardently as a hermit would a prayer.
Into thine murmuring lips much as my fervent heart,
I can never depart
The silence of your prayer;
That follow our feelings bearing,
Our hearts are born for sharing;
Very tender, very loving,
Forcing the claws of the world to surrender.
Unto thine eyebrows and complexion,
I stay your perfect fan, your undying defender,
much as you heal my being’s affliction
With your eminent intercession;
That keeps me in your possession.

Out of omniscience, you steal
my absence out of Life.
& secretly unseal,
the meanings of my strife.
Unknowingly, you keep
thine beauty lingering deep —
Into thine imperfectness, perfected.
Unknowingly, You attain
this life, I can’t sustain —
my flawy world corrected.


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