A painting inspired by Erik Satie's Gnossienne No. 1.

Gnossienne No. 1

Hidden, that stairway well;
That stairway led to hell.
That speaks of runes — old,
Of a curse you’ve to unfold,
Of what you dare not tell
— That stairway led to hell.

The “You” I used to sow,
That I believed I know
Has otherworldly pain,
That I unseal in vain.
That “You” in me does grow,
Although I never know.

& in the waking — bleak,
The “You” in you, I seek.
It pursues other lives
To consume, till it thrives
or devour you so weak
& drain the life, you leak.

The “You” in you, you feign.
The ones, you fear to reign;
The legion, that may dwell
within your self-sin shell.
To wither you to wane,
Until you meet your bane.

That bane you cement well
into your prison cell,
That you refuse to face;
That fiendish nether place,
That you may come to tell
as your self-same made hell
— That which you’ve hidden well.


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