Through the Silence, by Dima Dmitriev.

A vow to end all Silence

I am neither alive nor dead.
I am the wave that sets behind.
I am those words you left unsaid.
I am neither alive nor dead.
I am the mist that clouds your mind.
I am the weary starry sky.
Though may it be alive, seems dead.
& in the wild I stopped my tread —
To ask if Love has caught your eye,
Or if you’ve ever said “Goodbye”.
I have stopped my tread to silence.
For sometimes we should stop
to tell our one and only story;
of the good, & the bad,
and the lives we had,
and the uncondescending glory!
Sometimes we should stop
at the starts
to forget — to regret
all the loves we let
capture our hearts
into a semi-comatose state,
into a love we’d wish to hate!
& though we step into the silence.
Unknowing if we’re alive or dead.
Silent, will I be no more.
Though silent never was my head.
& though I never walked that door,
Deeply do I know, I follow through
unto life, unto pain, & unto you.
Unto a story of ages old;
of the good, & the bad,
and the lives we had!
Unto a story never told
But in halls of endless pause!
Edging — biding to unfold,
hanging on for fruit and cause.
Yet will always stay untold
with no phrase, remark, or clause!
Still do I vow to unpause;
A silence — long deemed ages old!
A story — long seemed ages dead!


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