"Dead Rose" by Michelle Dunn courtesy of Fine Art America.

Letter II: Saudade

I have missed you,
Longer than you’d ever know;
Bitter much, that phantom touch,
of the Lack of your afterglow.
& much as I have come to learn,
& much as I have come to find;
Knowing only — lorn and lonely.
Only for you do I yearn,
In my horrid hell of mind,
I have missed you;
& long through absence, do I more.
Wonder how long should I ponder,
wearily wander, fretting yonder,
silently, violently, desperately at your door.
With a tint and tone of sadness,
roaming at the gates of madness;
lurking still, Of malevolent — ill will.
Deep unto that heart of mine;
once a deadly, lovely anodyne.
That, I can’t forfeit or forsake.
For forsaking you was baneful;
my most severe and sweet mistake!
For my yearning is as painful.
For I have fled your ways;
Deserting my mate & friend.
Long will I live all nights & days,
not foreseeing a happy end.


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