Contemplations: On Respect…

It is worth noting that “Respect” as a verb stems from “re- specere” in Latin; which means: To look back. “Specere” as a Latin verb is often translated to “to look, to see, & to observe”. And in turn “re-specere” is the looking back at someone before attempting to take an action. But the inherent idea here should not be in the looking; because sometimes, even if you are seeking someone to look back to, the ideal can be absent.

And then you will have to fight the fight within yourself in order to create your own authentic version of the transcendent ideal. And when we do that, we call that self-respect.

Self-respect is when you look into the inside not outside of you and conjure up from your unconscious that ideal.

Here, the mere act of inner-seeking is the act of creating that ideal. And when that happens, we begin to experience self-respect. Because here, we look back into ourselves, not in the places where there is a pre-existing ideological preconditioned ideal but where there is not. It is in the fullness of the absence of the image of God do we dare to find One.

Except that, it is not on the outside but inside.

What we should really come to understand, then, is that “looking” in itself is an action that needs respect in order to be achieved respectfully. That even “looking” in itself whether inwards or outwards needs to be reaffirmed by the presence of the predominant image of your own Self. Only then, when you fully conjure that image will you be able to “Look”. and it’s only then that you will be able to look back on to others before acting. & it is only then, that such an action will become respectful. & so, respect in its core is always an inside-out process, and not the opposite…

Because If by any means, I will respect the “other” I will have to respect myself. And in order to do so I will have to seek the seeking itself. I will have to contemplate contemplating. And in the haziness and obscurity of such a process lies the true redemption of darkness itself; The Darkness of the “Self”. Only then will the true nature of the light within will re-emerge triumphantly out of mere desperation. Because there lies the place where Darkness met itself & chose to emerge lighting. There lies Man choosing to meet with God and stay together.



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