Untitled By Guayasamín Oswaldo

The Shadow of God

Still can I look the sky in the eye,
& Speak God “O God I know;
You cannot turn to me now, & lo,
To find me, then, about to die —
About to Lose my Flux and Flow;
About to lose my wherefore & why.
But if you will, I shall not, though;
I shall not seek, nor I’ll comply.
Yet need you, I —
More than I do admit I know…
Of Living Hell, I tell, Hereby,
For I can’t see what you foreshow,
Unless to all my world I die…
Yet I can’t be this world and “I”,
& I can’t see the one you know;
That one, you look inside my eye,
So, that, into that One I’d grow —
But I ceased to know…
Yet all I pray for: To let go;
To meet all with a tender Goodbye,
To bear you in & let you grow,
So, you’ll linger closely as I try,
To cease to be; to be you though…
To cease to be; to cease to die…


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